Puran Indian Restaurant

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(Crispy spicy lentil wafers)
Aloo Tikki
(Mildly spiced minced deep fried potatoes)
Vegetable Samosa
(Two deep fried crisp potatoes stuffed with mildly spiced potatoes and green peas.)
Vegetable Pakora
(Assorted fresh fritters)
Crushed Potatoes Deep Fried
Keema Samosa
(Two mildly spiced lamb filled pastries)
Special Vegetable Samosa
(Mildly spiced special deep fried crisp potato pastries served with topping of choley, fresh yogurt, onions and tamarind sauce)
Special Aloo Tikki
(Mildly minced deep fried potato patties served with topping of choley, fresh yogurt, onions and tamarind sauce)
Chicken Pakora
(Tender boneless batter fried chicken marinated with spices)
Special Papri Chatt
(A tangy sweet blend of chick peas, potatoes, papadies, a touch of yogurt with Black Indian salt served chilled.)
Paneer Pakora
(Homemade cheese cubes lightly spiced and batter fried)
Chicken Dippers
(Traditional boneless fried chicken)
Shrimp Pakora
(Batter fried shrimp marinated with spices)
Fish Pakora
(Batter fried fish marinated with spices)
Vegetable platter
(A combination of vegetable appetizers)
Mixed Platter
(A sampling of appetizers including chicken pakora and paneer pakora)


The tandoori is a charcoal fired oven made from clay. Tandoor is a traditional old-fashioned style of cooking. Food cooked in a clay oven is very juicy, healthy and light and has it's own natural delicious smokey flavor. (All Tandoori dishes are baked in a clay oven, marinated in yogurt with fresh herbs and spices.)

Tandoori Chicken
(Chicken marinated in yogurt with freshly ground spices and lemon juice, then grilled in a tandoor)
Tandorri Shrimp
(Jumbo shrimp marinated in yogurt and baked.)
Chicken Tikka
(Boneless chicken white meat marinated and baked.)


Dine-in Only (No coupons, no substitutions)

Lamb Choley
(Chick peas cooked with lamb)
Vegetarian Thali
(Traditional Indian meal with choley, saag paneer, dal, rice raita, paoardam, nan and gulab jamun on a silver platter.)
Lamb and Shrimp Curry
(Mildly spiced special shrimp and lamb in sauce served with nan and rice.)
Non-Vegetarian Thali
(Tradidional Indian meal with lamb curry, chicken curry, dal, raita rice, nan and gulab jumun on a silver platter.)


(Biryani) All Biryani served with raita

Rice Pilaf
Vegetable Biryani
(Special rice blended with garden vegetables)
Chicken Biryani
(Basmati rice cooked with tender cubes of chicken and fresh peas and nuts)
Lamb Biryani
(Basmati rice cooked with lamb cubes, fresh peas and nuts.)
Shrimp Biryani
(Basmati rice cooked with shrimp, fresh peas and nuts.)


All entrees served with rice

Lamb Curry
(Lamb simmered in think curry sauce)
Lamb Karahi
(Lamb cooked with bell pepper and onion)
Lamb Saag
(Lamb cooked with spinach, onion an tomato sauce.)
Lamb Vindaloo
(Lamb pieces and potatoes cooked in a tangy sauce.)
Lamb Dal
(Tender lamb pieces delicately blended with lightly spiced lentils.)
Lamb Korma
(Lamb blended with cream, cashews and raisins.)
Lamb Choley
(Lamb cooked with garbanzo beans)


All entrees served with rice

Shrimp Masala
(Chick peas cooked with shrimp)
Shrimp Curry
(Shrimp in think curry sauce)
Shrimp Saag
(Shrimp cooked with lightly spiced spinach)
Shrimp Mushroom
(Shrimp cooked with mushrooms)
Shrimp Vindaloo
(Shrimp and potatoes cooked in a tangy sauce)
Shrimp Choley
(Shrimp cooked with garbanzo beans)
Fish Curry
(Fish in think curry sauce)
Fish Makhni
(Marinated fish with onion, tomato and butter sauce)


Mango Lassi
Sweet Lassi
Mango Milkshake
Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Special Tea, Coffee, Sprite, Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Lemonade
Beers: Miller Michelob...3.99
Light Beers: Bud Light, Michelob Light
Indian: K-F, Taj Mahal, Flying Horse, Maharaja


Onion and Tomato Salad
House Salad
(Fresh tossed greens with herbs and lemon)...
Tomato Soup
(tomatoes, herbs and spices)...
Dal Soup
(Lentil soup with herbs and spices)...


Hot Pickle
(Spicy hot peppers, lemons and olives)
Sweet Mango Chutney
(Fresh homemade yogurt with cucumber, potatoes and mile spice)...


(traditional baked whole wheat bread)...1.99
(Plain sourdough bread made in tandoor)
(Deep fried bread)
Garlic Naan
(Naan bread stuffed with fresh garlic, coriander and seasoning.)
Aloo Naan
(Sourdough bread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes.)
Aloo Patatha
(Whole wheat flour bread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes)
Onion Kulcha
(Spicy and hot bread stuffed with onions)
(2 whole wheat bread, lightly fried)
Paneer kulcha
(bread stufed with home made cheese)


All entrees served with rice

Mixed vegetables
(Fresh vegetable blended with spices and a touch of curry sauce.)
Aloo Matter
(Potatoes cook with tender green peas and spices)
Dal Makhni
(Lentils prepared with butter and a touch of spice)
Aloo Choley
(Potatoes and chick peas cooked in a tomato and onion sauce)
Aloo Saag
(Potato cubes cooked in spinach and spices)
Malai Kofta
(Mixed vegetable balls cooked in an onion and tomoato sauce)
Aloo Gohbi
(Potatoes and cauliflower cooked with spices)
Mushroom Matar
(Tender mushrooms & green peas cooked with tomatoes and spices)
Punjabi Special Curry
(Deep fried vegetables cooked with yogurt.)
Paneer Karahi
(Homemade cheese cooked with onion, bell peppers in curry sauce.)
Nav Rattan Shahi Korma
(Homemade cheese gently cooked with mixed vegetables.)
Baingan Bhartha
(Grilled Eggplant)
Mushroom Saag
(Tender mushrooms cooked with spinach, tomato and onion sauce.)
Saag Choley
(Spinach and chick peas cooked with tender green peas and spices.)
Mattar Paneer
(Homemade cheese gently cooked with green peas and spices.)
Saag Paneer
(Homemade cheese cubes cooked with spinach and blended with aromatic spices.)


All entrees served with rice

Egg Bhurji
(Eggs cooked with fresh ginger, garlic and onions.).
Chicken Vindaloo
(Chicken cooked in hot and spicy sauce with potatoes.)
Chicken Choley
(Chicken cooked with garbanzo beans.)
Chicken Karahi
(Chicken cooked with bell pepper and onion)
Chicken Curry
(Mildly spiced with lots of sauce)
Chicken Dal
(Tender chicken pieces delicately blended with lightly spiced lentils)
Chicken Mushroom
(Tender chicken pieces cooked with mushrooms)
Chicken Shahi Korma
(Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, roasted on a skewer, then sautéed in tomato sauce, with a light touch pf cream.)
Chicken Tikka Masala
(lightly broiled chicken cooked inn a savory tomato, onion and butter sauce)
Chicken Tikka Saag
(Boneless marinated chicken cooked with spinach, onion and tomato sauce)
Sabaz Chicken
(Tender chicken cooked with mildly spiced fresh vegetables.)


Gulab Jamun
(2 fried cheese balls soaked in honey syrup served warm)
(Indian style rice pudding served cool with pistachios)
(Indian style ice cream with the nutty taste of pistachios and a touch of rose water)
Mango Ice Cream
(A great mango ice cream sundae)
Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream